What is an emergency? feature

What is an emergency?


Emergencies to call immediately about are

  • Poisonings - please keep the packaging and bring it with you to the surgery. The vet can contact the poison information service while you are on route to the surgery and save valuable time.

  • Road Traffic Accidents - most injured animals can be moved safely and quickly on to a blanket or towel for a dog or a cat can be wrapped in a towel and placed in a box for security. Please contact the vet for advice if you are unsure and bring to the surgery as soon as possible. Remember bringing your pet to the surgery will mean your pet receives the necessary treatment immediately.

  • Bloat or Gastric Dilation. If your dog's stomach is suddenly distended, or if they keep trying to vomit, especially soon after a meal, please ring the vet immediately. This is more common in the larger breeds of dogs and the deeper chested breeds.

  • Breathing Difficulties - in any species.

  • Persistent vomiting and diarrhoea in an unwell patient.

  • Fitting - if your pet begins to have a fit/seizure and it is the first time, there could be a number of reasons for this. If your pet is on medication for fits and begins to fit continually then phone and speak to the vet for advice.

  • Loss of appetite especially in cats and small mammals such as rabbits, even if this is just for a few hours.

  • Fly strike -Maggots.

  • Blocked Bladder - Due to their anatomy male cats and dogs may sometimes develop an obstructed urinary tract which is an emergency.

  • Snake Bites (Adder).

  • Any other condition that suddenly appears to be making your pet seriously ill.