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Outdoor housing

Outdoor housing needs to protect your tortoise from predators such as rats, foxes and dogs. Your garden also needs to be secure so that they cannot escape, and to prevent your tortoise from burrowing or climbing out of their enclosure.

They need to be kept on dry, well drained substrate as this will help to prevent shell problems and respiratory infections.

They will require shelter from the rain and extremes of weather.

Their enclosure should be of a sufficient size to permit normal behaviour and will also require a range "micro" habitats such as rocks, plants to provide shade and a good selection of edible vegetation (make sure that any toxic plants are kept from the enclosure).

Tortoises like to create burrows and scrapes, preferring a "contoured" surface than a flat surface, as they use this for thermoregulation when basking. 

Enclosures can be constructed of a variety of materials such as brick, stone or treated timbers.