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Advice for dog owners

Dogs are one of the most intelligent of domesticated animals and can be readily trained with time and patience, they also make loyal companions.

When taking on the responsibility of a dog you must keep in mind that different breeds have different natural instincts i.e. herding, hunting and guarding. These instincts need to be considered when thinking about what type of dog you are wanting to add to your family, along with feeding, exercise requirements and temperament. You will also need to consider the size of garden, whether it is dog proof, the size of your home and even the size of your car.

Puppy Classes

We are delighted to offer our new puppies places at the Axe Valley Puppy School. The course will focus mainly on socialisation and fun, creating a positive bond for puppies and owners with the practice and of course a little bit of training!

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It is important that your dog is vaccinated annually, this provides necessary immunity against potentially fatal dog diseases such as Parvovirus and Distemper.

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At Axe Valley we encourage our clients to have their dogs neutered, unless the dog is being used for breeding at a later date. If you are unsure we would encourage you to discuss this with the Veterinary Surgeon when you bring in your puppy for their initial vaccinations, then they can go through your options with you.

We advise that both male and female dogs are neutered around the age of 6 months, there are occasions when the Vet may feel that this is best done later but as a general rule 6 months is the ideal time.